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Haaaaa!!!!!!!!! San Andres.....What a beautiful, relaxing and breathtaking Island with charming people, full of joy and music...like the song says " San Andres where the coconuts grow and the sea changes colors day and night ! "
You will leave the Island with cherished memories for a long long time after .....

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SAN ANDRES ISLAND is in the Caribbean Ocean part of the Atlantic , it is at the Noth East of Panama and about 480 miles off the Colombian mainland .
It is part of a archipelago formed of San Andres, Providence and Saint Catherine  and in the archipelago are Alburquerque Islets : Haines, Cotton, Johnny Cay, Rondacor , Serrana, Serranilla, Quitasueno, Rocky Cay ...Alicia and Bayo Nueva sand banks .
San Andres has 44 square miles of land and 349.000 square miles of sea.

San Andres has a small mountain range , the highest point of the Island rises to an elevation of 55 meters from the level of the sea , crossing the Island from North to South , as for the lower parts of the Island it is mostly covered with coconuts and palm trees .
The Western shore is constructed of lime stone deposit covered in part by coral sand carried in by the sea waves , and the Eastern side of San Andres is made of coral
formations and particularly the reef give the sea an unbeleivably beautiful array of colors , turquoise , jade , sky blue and deap blues  colors that makes it especialy nice for snokeling in it's shallow waters and has good spots for great scuba diving .

Beaches in San Andres are spectacular and most of them not crowded , the most popular would be the central city beach in Baya Sardinas ( see photos in album left link on this page) between Tiuna Hotel and the DECAMERON ISLENO HOTEL and is the prefered beach for security of families with childrens because of it's shallow waters and powdered white soft sand .
Other popular beaches : San Louis and Coco Plum beach, the first for it's snorkeling and water sports facilities and the second for it's remoteness and tranquil peace .
But i'll let you discover by your selves the many beautiful and  secret  little places you can find easily with the aid of a taxi driver, ask him to make you a special deal to go around the Island and stop a the most interesting sites it will cost about 15$ to 20 $ US  depending on the stops you will do.
On the other hand if you are looking for cheap transportation you'l find it in the city busses , 50 cents for a ride to downtown shopping mall or 1.00$ to go around the Island on the main beach road  it will come back to point of departur downtown if you do not go off of the bus , you can wait on any corner and wave to the bus driver when you want to come back .

The General's Tour
We also booked a land tour with the Jeneral who can be found on the beach across from the San Luis hotel. I first read about the Jeneral on Big Juices San Andres website and our tour with him was fantastic. He has installed wooden benches in the back of his truck and away we went around the island on a 4 hour tour ($20.pp) which was full of history and stories of the island. Abraham, his driver was excellent and we never once felt unsafe in the back of the truck. We stopped to swim at the Natural Swimming Pool on the West side, fed the colourful tropical fish, slid down the water slide and dove off the diving board, then climbed back in the truck and in no time the tropical breeze dried us off in time for the next stop at Henry Morgan's cave where we heard stories of buried treasure when pirates ruled the island. Our journey continued to the highest point on the island, Flower Hill, where the views were breathtaking looking down over the city and the mangrove trees surrounding the Marazul. Following that, at my request, we stopped at the special needs school where I was able to deliver some packages of pens, pencils and some chocolate easter eggs for the children who attended through the week. If we had gotten there in the morning, I would have been able to see the children but being afternoon, they were gone home so I left my gifts with one of the teachers. The Jeneral also included a trip inland to the fresh water lake where we saw the oldest tree on the island, a 600 year old cotton tree and we stood inside the trunk for photos. We saw some crocodiles in the lake and heard the story of how they came to be there. Throughout the journey, there was a cooler in the truck which we could help ourselves to water, pop, juice, beer or rum.....all inclusive in the tour price. There were seven of us on the tour and plenty to go around. The Jeneral is a gracious host full of stories of the history of his beloved San Andres Island.

Attention inportant notice!
ADZ (San Andres)

La destination sera offerte au départ de Montréal à compter du 19 décembre, les départs auront lieux une fois par semaine via YYZ(toronto)